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Quality Fence by Reliable Iowa Construction

Having a good quality fence installed is important. They serve so many different purposes for our everyday lives that risking a poorly installed fence has lasting consequences, both in regards to security and financially. For this reason, it’s important to hire a company that hires experienced and knowledgeable professionals to get the job done right. At Reliable Iowa Construction, we only employ the best professionals in the industry to provide you with quality fences, decks, and patios. From selecting the right materials to applying the highest quality stain, we have you covered. 

Fence for Your Home and Security

Fences serve so many purposes. Decoration, security, and privacy are just a few reasons you may want to have a fence installed on your property. The reason for your fence installation will determine what type of fence is built. In general, there are three different types of fences: split rail fences, privacy fences, and picket fences. All of these can make your home’s curb appeal skyrocket all while providing safety and security from potential thieves and help keep your pets and children from taking off down the road. However, you may have your own specific needs for installing a new fence and that is okay! We can help with any type of fence you might need within the laws and regulations of your city. 

Fence Materials Available

When people think of fences the most commonly thought of material is wood. Wood fences have been around for many years, and look great around any property. However, there are other materials you can build your fence out of to. Reliable Iowa Construction offers the following fence and fence installation materials:

Wooden Fence
Chain Link Fence
Vinyl Fence
Privacy Fence

From there, you can select different types of wood, colors of vinyl, and styles of chain link as well. There are many different ways to build a fence and they have a ton of style diversity to help boost your property’s look and appearance. No matter what you choose, our skilled professionals will make it look great. 

Staining Your Fence

If you have a wooden fence installed, it is crucial to apply a coating of stain afterwards. Stain will help to protect your wooden fence from the elements that it is exposed to daily. At Reliable Iowa Construction, our professionals can help you with different types of staining options and assist you in coming up with a great look for your fence as stain is available in many different colors and tints. 

Why Reliable Iowa Construction?

It is important for a fence to hold up for many years in order for you to get the most out of your investment. At Reliable Iowa Construction, we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This means that we won’t leave the job until you are happy with the results. While many companies finish the bare minimum and leave, we recognize the importance of quality customer service. We also carry licensing and insurance to make sure you as our valued customer are protected during the building process. What does that mean for you? Damages that occur to your home or property during construction are covered by us, something that other companies or under the table fencers don’t provide. Don’t leave your fence, home, and property at risk. Call Reliable Iowa Construction today for a free quote! 
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